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Dont want service anymore

If you purchased the wrong service or you’ve just changed your mind and dont want get the service before it started, you can always contact our support via e-mail – [email protected], Skype – broboostcom and report about your problem. We will bind ourselves to find a solution that will satisfy your needs or will return your money.

For some reason your service was not completed?

Sometimes unexpected situations might happen. If there was any reason why we couldn’t execute your order (from our side) – there are different ways to fix the problem. We can offer you another service for a price not exceeding the one you have already paid (or with some extra from you). We can complete your service on a later date (if that is possible). If you choose another sevice which is cheaper than the one you’ve already paid for – we will refund you with the difference between those two prices. Or will refund 100% amount of money that you payed. Also note that if service was done for 50% for example and If there is any reason why you don’t want to finish your order you will get only the rest 50% compensation.

Regarding all questions about refunding money or changing your order:

If you want to get a refund, please contact us within the form provided below, or via e-mail [email protected], Skype broboostcom and give us the following details:

 Your full name
 Your order ID
 Order date
 The sum you paid and the payment method
 The reason of your appeal

Acceptable terms for a refund or change of the service

Upon ordering, you agree that period for the return and / or exchange of the purchased services is 30 days from the date of payment. In the event of dispute regarding timing of handling, refund or exchange and if we can not reach an agreement through correspondence, further consideration of the debate can be continued in court on the basis of the laws and regulations of the Ukraine.

Still have questions?

Any questions with regards to the refund and / or exchange of paid service with the payment of the difference – please use our contact form, email, Skype.

 Email – [email protected]
 Skype – broboostcom
 Every day from 10 00 – 00 00 (CET)