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Buy Mythic+10 Weekly Chest

From: € 20.00



Here you can buy Mythic +10 Weekly Chest

To get fast completion of a choosen dungeon in World of Warcraft. Group ready to start in ~20 minutes after we receive payment. You will gain loot, titan residuum to buy azerite armor, achievement and best weekly chest with 440 level item. Mythic+10 Weekly Chest is the best and cheap way to gear up character in a short time.

Default Mythic +10 Weekly Chest includes:

440+ item from the weekly chest
430+ ilvl loot with 20% chance at the end of +10 dungeon
2500+ azerite power after reset from the chest
17000 Titan Residuum currency to buy pieces from vendor
Account sharing (we will log into your character to complete boost +10)
Completition a part of achievement Keystone Conqueror (requires “in timer” option)
Wowprogress and Raider.io score
Hidden Livestream (please ask beforehand)

Additional options:
Selfplay – you play your own on your character
One Traider – add 1 character with your armor type
Two Traiders – add 2 characters with your armor type
In timer – we will complete the dungeon in timer (drops 1 extra item for the group!)
Specific dungeon – you choose dungeon which we clear for you

120 lvl character with any gear


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