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Buy Heart of Azeroth leveling

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World of Warcraft (Wow) Battle for Azeroth Heart of Azeroth Leveling includes:

  • Leveling of Heart of Azeroth.
  • We will do Island Expeditions, World Quests, Dungeons runs till you get desired amount of Power
  • We will unlock for you Heart Forge – special thing which open access to new Azerite Essence System to empower your HEART OF AZEROTH.
  • THE HEART FORGE achievement and your first Essence unlocked : THE CRUCIBLE OF FLAME
  • We will level your HEART OF AZEROTH necklace and unlock respective powers:
    Heart of Azeroth Level Powers Unlocked
    Heart Forge Unlock
    35 Level
    Azerite Essence System unlocked
    Major Power Slot unlocked
    48 Level All Azerite Armor Trait Rings unlocked
    53 Level 3% Stamina Increase
    55 Level Minor Power Slot unlocked
    57 Level 3% Stamina Increase
    62 Level 3% Stamina Increase
    65 Level Minor Power Slot unlocked
    67 Level 3% Stamina Increase
  • Your Heart of Azeroth will be upgraded for +2 item level per each each azerite level

Requirements Heart of Azeroth Leveling Boost:  

Buy Heart of Azeroth Boost run

We are providing the world of warcraft power leveling service. Our WoW power leveling is done with no bots and is a handwork routine.

We only use safe and legal methods of boosting, so you won’t ever get your account locked or banned. 100% of our services are performed using VPN. The character will be leveled up mostly by doing quests.

Our boosters are highly skilled professionals. No matter which world of warcraft power level you need, we are ready to provide a variety of options.


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