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Benthic Gear Farm Boost

From: € 2.95

    Select an item level of your Benthic Gear Armor



Here you can buy Benthic Gear Farm Boost

In BFA 8.2 Rise of Azshara, players will appreciate the new type of catch-up armor gear. It is called Benthic gear. Players can get it for Benthic tokens, which, in turn, can be obtained for performing various tasks in Nazjatar territory, as well as for a new type of game currency, Prismatic Manapearls (you can get it when researching a new Nazjatar zone, completing quests and following the storyline, as a reward for killing elite monsters and in other ways). This armor will be able to add new elements to your gaming experience, which can be interesting and diversify the time spent in WoW. To create a Benthic gear you must use the Benthic tokens. When activated, it creates a piece of 385 iLvL armor suitable for the race and class of your character (it can be one of 9 items: feet / leg / waist / hands / wrists / chest / back / shoulders / head)

Buy Benthic Gear Farm Boost, you’ll get:

We will farm for you as much of Benthic Gear armors as you want. You can also select the item level of Benthic Gear.
385 – 425 item level of your Benthic Gear armor piece depends from selected options!
Lots of new “artifact power” AZERITE to boost your HEART OF AZEROTH.

The character of 120 Level.
Boost time depends of desired amount of gear and it’s item level.


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