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Access to Nazjatar World Quests – Nazjatar Campaign Boost

€ 39.00

Nazjatar is one of the new zones arriving in Patch 8.2, Rise of Azshara. As a new zone with a rich storyline and lots of new content, players can feel overwhelmed when going through it for the first time. This guide serves as a comprehensive compendium of all features and activities to do within the zone, such as quests, mechanics, zone events and other features.



Here you can buy Access to Nazjatar World Quests – Nazjatar Campaign Boost

[PATCH 8.2: Rise of Azshara] will give players the opportunity to explore two new vast areas: Mechagon and Nazjatar. Each of these new territories will give you the opportunity to perform World Quests and receive useful items, unlock achievement, improve equipment and upgrade the reputation level with the new factions that you will meet following Nazjatar and Mechagon storylines.
As a reward for completing Nazjatar World Quests, you can get useful items, armor, Azerite, new in-game currency – Prismatic Manapearl and much more. Doing World Quests is an effective powerful impulse for the development of your character. However, this process can take a lot of time and tire

Buy Access to Nazjatar World Quests, you’ll get:

We will get access to WORLD QUESTS / WORLD QUESTS in Nazjatar.
Nazjatar Main Storyline done for Horde or Alliance following up with (A) SUNKEN AMBITIONS / (H) UNFATHOMABLE achievements.
We will unlock for you Heart Forge – special thing which open access to new Azerite Essence System to empower your HEART OF AZEROTH.
We will also Obtain THE HEART FORGEachievement and your first Essence: THE CRUCIBLE OF FLAME
You will also get access to reputation with (A) WAVEBLADE ANKOAN / (H) THE UNSHACKLED factions.
Lots of new “artifact power” AZERITE to boost your HEART OF AZEROTH.

The character of 120 Level.
Boost will take a 3-4 weeks.


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